The Seasonal Berries programme, which shares the latest information and facts with berry fans, is a year-round campaign funded by British Summer Fruits, an industry body that represents 98% of our berry growers.

British Summer Fruits’ members supply first-rate berries to supermarkets and the body has lasting relationships with organisations, industry leaders and movers and shakers in the food and drink world. It gives farmers and the industry a voice, commissions in-depth research and provides crisis and issues management to support farmers, retailers and suppliers.

Berries are not only bursting with flavour and natural goodness, they’re also great at jazzing up any snack or sweet and savoury dish – check out our berrylicious recipes for inspiration! We love berries grown both here in the UK and abroad, such as Chile, Spain, Africa, Egypt, Argentina and Uruguay.

Be a berry boffin and swot up on seasonality, provenance, what our UK growers are up to, recent news, available varieties (so there’s no excuse for not trying them all!) and information. Feel free to contact us if you need any more information.