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Snack Smart challenge

Join Sara Cox in the Snack Smart challenge and receive exclusive health tips and tasty recipes to feel the full effects.

We can all change our bad habits by swapping sweets and confectionery to a healthier option of fresh berries. Need some encouragement?

We conducted research with Loughborough University to look at the benefits of swapping a confectionery snack with a handful of berries in the afternoon. The research investigated whether having a snack of berries, compared to a confectionery snack, reduced the amount eaten at the next main meal.

The research found that when people had a snack of berries, they ate on average 134 Calories fewer than when they had a confectionery snack.

Experts at the University suggest that if people change their daily snacking habits, over a week people could decrease Calorie intake by an average of around 900 calories. Over a month, this could be expected to produce a loss of around 1lb of body fat a month or up to a stone in a year!

To help encourage you to take part in the challenge, our expert Dr Christy Fergusson has some top tips on how to Snack Smart and avoid that mid-afternoon  crunch time when we often crave sweet and unhealthy snacks.

DJ and busy mum Sara Cox is also Snacking Smart with you, and you can see how she gets on here.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to the challenge and start Snacking Smart to see how it can work for you!