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DJ and busy mum Sara Cox is Snacking Smart! It’s the final push so let’s see how she’s getting on…

So as my snack smart challenge draws to close what have I learnt?

  1. Half a fish finger, 2 biscuits and a chunk of Brie is not the ideal afternoon pick me up. This was what the old Sara used to snack on whilst preparing and supervising the kids dinner.
  2. An ideal snack is a dish of berries, sometimes room temperature to bring the flavour out, sometimes fridge cold and sometimes tossed in the air and caught in the mouth, though don’t try this at home, I’ve had years of training.
  3. Eating lots of berries gives you a little vitamin boost, meaning your skin looks nicer.
  4. Eating lots of berries also means your fridge always looks really virtuous. As long as you hide the breaded chicken and gin behind the berries.
  5. As the saying nearly goes: “you can lead a child to berries but you can’t make it munch” – however if there’s a dish of deelish berries knocking about they will do a passing grab with their little mitts and nick some berries.
  6. Number 5 works best if you stash the crisps.
  7. When you don’t hang around, gawping at your kids plates like a begging Labrador before wolfing all their leftovers whilst stood over the kitchen sink, mealtimes are a more civilised affair.
  8. Shoving 3 cold oven chips in your gob is not an attractive look.
  9. It also ruins your appetite for your own dins.
  10. If you get your pal involved in a snack smart challenge it helps if their will power and self control are roughly equal to yours.
  11. My friend Jules matches my will power and self control perfectly, strengthening my long held belief that we are after all long lost siblings.
  12. I’ve always wanted a little brother hurrah.
  13. If you’re eating 2 custard creams when your challenge partner/brother Jules tweets you a pic of his blueberries it’s best to be honest about it.
  14. In the spirit of no 11, it was actually 3 custard creams.
  15. It was 4. Sorry.
  16. I wasn’t aiming to loose weight but I did want to feel better, which I do.
  17. When you eat shed loads of berries you have more energy – which means this completely shattered and frazzled mum of 3 is now a slightly shattered and frazzled mum of 3. Hurrah.
  18. My eating habits have changed and I’m gonna step away from the carby scraps and keep on with the berries.
  19. Though I won’t keep calling it a challenge, that’d be weird.
  20. I won’t send Jules pics of my berries every day as that’d be weird too, even though he’s my brother.