Latest_news_berriesIt’s easy to eat yourself happy with berries because they’re bursting with health benefits.

They make the perfect, simple snack – and are a tasty, sweet treat to sort out any sugar cravings when the mid-afternoon slump hits. Our recent research found that 4.12pm is the dreaded time we are most likely to fall off our diets so next time, reach for a handful of berries for a health hit!

  •  Just one cup of raspberries contains 12% of your RDA of Vitamin K – essential for healthy blood and bones!
  •  Berries are great for losing weight – their high water content means you fill up quicker without the calories
  • Swap a pack of crisps with a couple of handfuls of berries 3 times a week and save over 630 calories!*
  • Need a health boost? Swap that banana for a portion of blueberries – they have 7.5 times more antioxidant activity!
  • Need a sugar hit? Put down that chocolate bar! Swap it for some strawberries and you’ll save 297 calories…**
  • If you feel you’re lacking in vitamin C, reach for the strawberries.  Just 7 provide you with your whole recommended daily allowance!
  • Flavonoids in raspberries are responsible for their red flesh, and these antioxidants help to guard against a range of cancers, heart disease, asthma, arthritis and cataracts, Alzheimer’s and age-related neurological diseases. Not bad for a teeny tiny fruit!

*Based on McCoy’s Flame Grilled crisps
** Based on Snickers bar